Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This goes out to the stupid youngish white guy at Target who was yelling at his son...

Dear Jerk:
I saw you today at Target. Actually, I heard you first. You were loudly telling a child that he was stupid for running into things. Then I saw you. You with your wife-beater t-shirt, your long denim shorts hanging halfway down your skinny ass. You with your short spiky blond hair. I hated you when I heard you. I wanted to kill you when I saw you with that child. Yes, jerk, I saw your sweet 18-month-old son. I saw him pushing that big plastic dump truck, having a wonderful time. I saw him running this way and that, willy-nilly across the aisle, harmlessly crashing into the display. I saw that he was just an innocent toddler who had the misfortune of being born to a jerk like you. Do you have so little self esteem that you have to verbally abuse your child to make yourself feel better? Do you have to belittle him in order to make yourself feel big? For the record, you are small. Words hurt and they do leave marks.

I didn't say anything and I regret that. I regret not being a bitch. I regret that I thought it wasn't polite to criticize someone's parenting or lack thereof. I regret that you were able to father a child when you obviously have no business being a father.

Just know that next time you are out with him, I won't be timid, embarrassed or polite. Next time, jerk, I will kick your ass.


PS to your son - I am truly sorry I didn't say anything. You are a sweet, sweet boy and deserve better.

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Suebob said...

Lets get together and kick some jerk ass as a dynamic duo next time!