Thursday, July 20, 2006


I am in a non-blogging mood. Maybe because I have just returned from five days with the in-laws and I need to read all the crap I missed from my sweet, sweet Internet. Maybe it's because we are having one of our "humid" weeks here in Ventura. We have three of them a year. And I say "humid" because my friends in Tennessee and Florida are ready to knock me in the head right now. But I don't care because it's "humid" here and I am lazy. Or maybe it's because I am in desperate need of a good chicken salad sandwich (with grapes! and nuts! on a croissant!). Hard to say. But whatever it is, I just gotta go lay down in front of the fan.

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V said...

Not only was that just wrong to talk about this "humidity" your dealing with - but to bring in the Royal Bakery - - thats just plain CRUEL.