Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Warning: this is a poo-related post.
The Girl has had a few issues pooping since the stomach flu a couple weeks ago. She is holding it longer (potty training) and no longer likes to poo in the diaper (yea!). Sometimes, though I will notice a giant crap-filled belly. Tonight was one of those nights. After we talked about pooping it out (kind of like Ari Gold hugging it out on Entourage, BTW you are watching Entourage aren't you?) and sat on the potty for all of 20 seconds, she decided going commando in the back yard was a better idea. After a few minutes, she headed back inside. "Mom, I pooped...(long pause)...on the carpet." She ran back outside just as I was heading in. I won't tell you about the poo on the legs, because that would just embarrass her later in life. But I will tell you there was just a small nugget on the floor, with the rest in the potty. And the kicker? When I went to pick up the poo nugget, my dad's dog snapped it up for a treat. That lovely episode was quickly followed by a shower, a lot of soap and a Malibu & diet coke.

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