Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I am again a work widow. Hubby is off to Parker, AZ to test boats for work. And do not envy him too much - he has to be up before the sun in order to go out at daybreak for photo shoots in the boats. Then they test the boats on the river and shoot the interiors at the dock for the rest of the day. At dusk, they go out again for photos. Really quite a long day. My day starts a little later (7 a.m.) but doesn't end until 9 p.m. Almost equal, so the bitterness is not welling up this time.
The weekend was jam-packed with family. My sis, bil and nieces came up Fri. and we all went to dinner. They visited on Sat. too, following a visit to the Santa Barbara mission (school project for the 4th grader) which I thankfully did not have to participate. I actually had free-time from 10-2 since the hubby took The Girl to the zoo. Glorious. I stayed in my jammies and copied photo files onto my new flash drive. Ahhhh.

Sunday the in-laws came down since they were going through granddaughter withdrawals. It HAD been a month. The only bad thing about having visitors for the weekend is...no naps. We are a napping family. We enjoy the 11 a.m. family nap on Saturday following a big breakfast at Pete's. And the noon-2 nap on Sunday just because we can. No naps make me sad.
The Girl and I are heading up to the in-laws' house Wed. and the hubby is meeting us there sometime on Thurs. Then we are driving to Berkeley and staying for three nights. A childhood friend is getting married and his best man is my favorite cousin Kevin (who lives in Kenya). We will also visit the hubby's best friends that he went to Spring training with a few short weeks ago and their wives. And we get to meet the first offspring of one of the friends. Top it off with Sunday brunch at the home of Dean & Craig, my gay friends of 20 years, and it should be a fun time. Except for the driving part. We chose not to fly since we would have to pay for three plane tickets (damn kid) as well as three nights in the hotel. And despite the modest raise the hubby just got, we are sooooo not made of money.
And finally, what the fuck is up with Gilmore Girls? No new episodes? Grrrrr! Thank goodness I have last night's 24 to watch on TiVo.

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sweatpantsmom said...

I guess all the missions across CA are being swarmed by 4th graders. I just went on a field trip to one with my daughter's class.

It was beautiful - I realized I hadn't been since I was in grade school (a smart ass would now add, "You mean, when they were first built?")