Sunday, March 19, 2006


I am awash in bitterness. The hubby is in AZ for Spring training with his homies (or is it homeys or homeyes? no not homeyes, but maybe homeys) which makes me bitter because I have never been on a vacation without him. I know is partly my fault since I have never planned a vacation w/o him, but still, the bitterness is there. For the last couple of years, he has also met up with a friend of mine in AZ, a chick who used to work at MLB. I have no problem with this since 1) I trust hubby implicitly; 2) everyone is afraid to cross me because they know about my psycho undertones. Last night hubby calls me - drunk, natch - and gives my friend the phone. She talks for 20 seconds then passes me to some drunk stranger who is buying rounds for the group. Then Hubby gets on and tells me how excited he is to go see Bob Sagat's stand-up act at a midnight show. At this point I want to kill him, divorce him and/or hang up. But I listen to his ramblings a while longer. Finally I snapped when he asked me if I could tell he had been drinking. Umm, yes dear. The slurred speech, the loud bar, the passing of the phone, the excitement over Bob Sagat. Then he asked what we were up to!!!! GRRRRR!!! I told him I was watching JoJo's Circus while The Girl, who had a fever, laid on me. AND I added, I haven't been on a vacation for...for...for...longer than I can remember!!! Then I cried a little. Then I sucked it up and told him goodbye.

End of bitterness? Of course not. The Girl woke up coughing at 1 a.m. and wanted to come into my bed. Then at 2:45 she woke up again coughing and barfed on herself, the bed, me and her stuffed bunny. So after I changed her and was putting new sheets on the bed, I called him just to check in and see if the Bob Sagat show was any good. Big chicken didn't even answer his phone. Today's call should be swell, no?

Got to go eat something sweet to get this bitter taste out of my mouth.

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jennster said...

it's frustrating i bet. when boyfriend lived up north and i was in southern cali (me, single mom.. him, not).. he would call and be out with his friends at a bar and have the audacity to ask me what i was doing? um, what the fuck do you THINK i'm doing? i'm at the bar too.. i put blake in coat check. dur, i'm at home- watching fucking sponge bob and playing with blake. it was so infuriating because he was doing something i couldn't. you know?
that's it though. you NEED to start having girl getaways. or random weekend ones. or even nightly ones, where husband can't come and has to watch the girl and make sure you give her TONS AND TONS of junk food before you leave. :)