Sunday, February 05, 2006


OK, so he may be kinda weird. But Prince rocked last night on SNL. And the show didn't suck too bad either, thanks to Steve Martin. I used to have "Wild & Funny Guy" on tape. I listened to that way too much. Dork. But maybe that bit of funny transferred to The Girl, because she found her funny bone this week. I give you the master of the knock knock joke...

The Girl: Knock, knock.
Audience: Who's there?
TG: Boo.
A: Boo who?
TG: Don't cry little baby.

TG: Knock, knock.
A: Who's there?
TG: Cantaloupe.
A: Cantaloupe who?
TG: Cantaloupe without a ladder.

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Drive safe and don't forget to tip your waitress.


Monkey loves Kitten said...

Man, thanks to a power outage, I missed SNL! TiVo doesn't help in this situation. I thought there was nothing TiVo couldn't fix. I now have to rethink everything. Dangit.

VenturaMom said...

Dude! TiVo is not all knowing. It came as a horrible shock to me as well. Case in point...I had to TiVo the show after Grey's Anatomy to be sure to get the whole show because if the SuperBowl went long (and it ALWAYS does), TiVo doesn't recognize that sort of shit. Arrrggghhh. It's like finding out Prince Charming has crabs. A real shame.