Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Diego is teaching The Girl Spanish. She says hola, gracias and de nada. Well, almost. She actually says "ga nada" but it's close enough. And he has taught the Spanish equivalent for activate, climb, fly and jump (and some others I haven't figured out yet). He is soooo much better than Dora. First off, less yelling. Secondly, waaaaaay better music. Who can resist the Latin rhythms of the Rescue Pack song? Awww, Rescue Pack comin' to the rescue! And his sister Alicia is a nice addition and not overly girly or too butch. Less annoying TV. Isn't that what every mother is looking for?

PS - I took The Girl to the park yesterday where we met a mom and her daughter who is about the same age. The mom, a whitey, said she speaks only Spanish to her daughter, while the husband speaks only English. Damn over achievers. I like leaving the teaching to the TV.


V said...

I watched that damn Diego because of you yesterday. Im sure it would be way more fun to watch it with the girl.

VenturaMom said...

I'm supplimenting words here & there too - leche, counting in Spanish, etc. She has also started to call her pants "pantalones" but pronounces it "pantalontes."