Sunday, January 01, 2006


Let's was the week between Christmas and New Year, so that means we were probably in the car driving somewhere to see relatives. Went to the in-laws on Christmas day. Stayed two nights and were able to sneak away for a daytime date - 5 whole hours without The Girl. We went to San Luis Obispo to kick around the day after Christmas while The Girl systematically wore down her grandparents. We also squeezed in two (yes, two) trips to Casa Manana. Remarkably, I have no esophageal damage from the resulting heartburn. Mmmmmm...Casa.

By the way, if you have read this far, I'm sorry. This will have no interest to anyone except me. For posterity, you know.

Then we headed south to see my family for three days and two fun-filled nights. We abandoned, err, I mean, had my niece babysit The Girl while we went to see Walk The Line (TWO THUMBS UP!!!). The next day we went to the Wild Animal Park. As the hubby said, thank gawd we had free passes. The animals are all far away and not very exciting. Even the petting zoo area sucked. There was a cute tiger cub on display in a big picture window, though. And my nephew and his wife joined us, so that was fun. Highlight of the trip was definitely breakfast on Saturday. Both of my brothers and my sis-in-law came down, joining my sis and her family, dad and his ladyfriend and the three of us. Twelve people at a hole-in-the-wall breakfast place...divine. Many orders of Huevos Rancheros, Scrambelada and Banana Crunch French Toast were consumed.

We came home yesterday afternoon, just in time to realize we suck when it comes to New Year's Eve plans. The last time we did anything was in the last century. Really. In 1999, we went down to our friends' house in LA on New Year's Eve. We partied like it was 1999, because, well, it was 1999. Then we got up at the crack of ass to go to the Rose Parade. They scored us a yummy breakfast buffet (again with the food) and primo seats in the stands (no camping out with the commoners). Maybe if I start planning now, I will be able to find a sitter for next year. Then, just maybe, we'll do something crazy like dinner and a movie. Party-freakin'-animals I tell you.


V said...

At least you were able to go out and be somewhere other than your home! I have cabin fever bad... Wen did wake up and make enchildas since there is no decent place to get the mexican flava around here. So even though you dont think your life is all that - Im still jealous.

xoxox V
OH! PS - also had your yummy punkin bread this morning with my coffee - it was perfect!

Sugarmama said...

The thing I'm most jealous of is the fact that you got to go see Walk the Line--shows you what party animals we are, I guess!

Monkey loves Kitten said...

Couple of things: The WAP is freakin' cool. I love it there. The best is when them big monkeys through poop at the gawkers! Second, Banana Crunch French Toast? I think I need some of that - RIGHT NOW. I'm really gonna have to move back to California some day.