Saturday, January 07, 2006


I have been thinking of a couple resolutions for the new year. But I keep changing them. So I am going to start a list and edit as needed throughout the year.

  1. keep my desk organized
  2. work on my business when The Girl is at preschool
  3. focus on business before reading blogs on those days
  4. make some money
  5. re-join WW
  6. gather my pregnancy email updates and baby email updates and add as blog entries
  7. charge my video camera
  8. shoot some video of The Girl
  9. get flickr pro account when I find some extra cash in the street
  10. use the giftcards I have accumulated random amounts on: Gymboree ($12), Staples ($18), Chili's ($25), Blockbuster ($32), Starbucks ($6+; will probably be done next week), Macy's ($14)
  11. don't use The Hubby's gift cards for iTunes and Best Buy, despite the fact that I deserve to because, well, just because
  12. figure out when we should try for another kid so as not to give birth in Nov. or Dec. (cuz who wants to get "combo" Birthday/Christmas presents anyway?)
  13. plan my own 40th Birthday party

more tba

1 comment:

V said...

Make me send you some music - I have been on iTunes for like 5 days straight. Its a freakin problem that they are gonna have to have some sort of support club for soon.

Do you think BestBuy will let me buy an iTunes gift card with my BestBuy gift card?

PS - if you start now you can try for a Virgo baby like us - wouldnt that be fun!