Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Talk about a bad-ass mother!!! Beda Kent, a Houston firefighter gave birth to her daughter then checked herself out of the hospital just hours later to take a promotional exam. Is this how Texas treats working mothers? Do we have to choose between post-natal medical care and a promotion in an already harrowing career? I understand the fact that the testing is only given once every two years, but, come on! Maybe we could get an exception for a woman who just shot a baby out of her loins? The only thing I wanted to do following the birth of my daughter was to eat and hold my sweet baby. Sitting for a 2 1/2 hour exam? Uh, no thanks. I had a giant icepack strapped to my cooch and a blood flow that, while normal, was impressive to say the least. Since the badass mom's insurance wouldn't cover the cost of readmitting her, she came to the hospital every 4-5 hours to breastfeed. Now THAT is one committed mother. And a VERY committed public servant. BTW - she passed the test with flying colors. Bravo Captain Kent! And hello, Houston? You might want to re-examine your testing policy.

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Sugarmama said...

Seriously! Couldn't she at least recline with a frozen maxi-pad for a 2-1/2 hour exam? But I suppose that oughta show the guys at the station house that she's clearly tough enough to be one of them.