Monday, January 02, 2006


Apparently last night was our night to shine. Hubby and I rejoiced when The Girl went to sleep at 8:30 (hallelujah, hallelujah!!) and spent the next several hours partying like it was 2005.

First up, party hard Bob Marley style. Then bring in a little fire. We received a set of Christmas candles as a gift last year and we are not the type to have decorative candles just sit there. So we a thought a fiery death was the respectable way to go for the sparkly snowman, snow-topped house and large pine-like tree. We were having a lovely time until we noticed that the candlelight was suddenly MUCH brighter. The frickin' snowman's hat was on fire. ON. FIRE. A slight panic ensued until we decided that it was not going to explode hot wax all over us or threaten to spread fire around our front room. So...what should you do with a sparkly snowman candle that is ABLAZE? Document it, of course. I uploaded a flickr set of it.

Next up, hubby's mix-tape 2006 style. He started picking songs for me on his iPod while I listened with his Bose noise-canceling head phones (THE GREATEST THINGS EVER. SAVE UP. BUY SOME. REALLY!) They were fire-related songs to start: Fire Woman; Burning Down the House; World on Fire by Sarah McLaughlin; with some Elvis thrown in for fun. Then they were drunk or wasted-type songs: Too High For the Supermarket; Margaritaville. Then it went to serious good rockin' tunes that sounded great: a buncha Green Day and U2, culminating in Where the Streets Have No Name. That song is just rockin. The drums, with that build up. The guitar (including bass) is just so so so strong. And then the voice. Dude, Bono is such a rockstar.

Then we hugged real close and finally stumbled off to bed around 2 a.m. This was one of those nights where we were silly and funny and dorks and in love. And it was good.

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