Monday, January 09, 2006


In honor of Black History Month I am going to use quotes from famous African-Americans for the titles of my posts. But let's face it, I am as white as they come so it could just come off as flippant or mildly racist. Be that as it may, here goes...

The best part of starting the second semester at The Girl's preschool? She said goodbye over her shoulder and headed off to feed the rabbit. No tears. No prolonged hugs. It was frickin' awesome. So, yes friends, today I was... free at last. At least for three hours.

*** Edited to add: Um, looks like Black History Month is next month (Feb.). But I think MLK Jr. Day is coming up next Monday. So in honor of MLK and in anticipation of BHM, the post and it's title stands. Check back next month for some amazing and inspiring titles.

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V said...

I think you should teach the girl that "free at last" line and see how it flies at her school.

You'd have to explain to everyone that your from the hood and its ok - and of course they wouldnt believe you or your white baby.

God that would be fun for me.
Good times... Good times...