Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I got a call from The Girl's teacher this morning even though she is home today. It was the call no mother wants to get. It was...dum, dum, dum (added for dramatic effect)...the lice call. I guess there was a girl in her class yesterday who has lice. Oh dear gawd, noooooo. I have the itchy-ootchies just typing it. I have checked her about 20 times in the past 45 minutes, each time coming up negative. But am I doing it right? Will there be enough lice or eggs to show up this quick? Oh gawd help us. Since lice don't like sunlight and our house is filled with it in the a.m., they may be hiding, so I keep pulling up another area of her hair to do random spot checks. I have found some freckles, but nothing else. UGGGHHHH! My scalp is totally itching with an imagined infestation. I am horrified and grossed out. But at the same time, my monkey grooming gene is kicking into overdrive. I knew it would be put to good use one day. I'll keep you posted. Pray for us, if you do that sort of thing. Or just send positive vibes out into the universe, if that tickles your fancy.

Still lice-free after nearly one hour!

** edited to add Wed. morning: Still lice free after one day!

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Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Oh lord! I can't imagine crawly thingies in those cute little ringlets!