Sunday, January 22, 2006


On this day in 1973, I was six and in Miss Schain's first grade class at St. James Catholic school. So much fun, so much opportunity, what joy there was in my life! Six years old and not a care in the world. I had no idea that on this day in 1973, the Supreme Court would rule with a with a 7 to 2 majority that most laws against abortion violate a constitutional right to privacy, thereby overturning all state laws outlawing or restricting abortion. It was a day that would change my life.

On a summer day in 1985, I went to a medical office and was told that yes, my home pregnancy test had been accurate. I was pregnant. I had just finished my first year of college and had moved into an apartment in San Diego. What a choice I had to make. A choice that just 13 years earlier didn't exist. A week later I made my choice. My choice was to finish college. My choice was to terminate my pregnancy. My choice was not made in haste. My choice will never be forgotten. My choice gave me the life I have today.

Despite the fact I have now carried a pregnancy to term and given birth to the most wonderful little girl, I will always support a woman's right to choose. I do not regret my choice. My only regret is that I put myself in the position to get pregnant at 18, when birth control was readily available.

I will tell about my choice to ensure that others know that middle-class Catholic girls do have choices. I will tell about my choice to help you understand that I had an abortion because I thought my life should not be defined by one night of stupidity. I will tell about my choice because I want that choice to remain available. The Roe v. Wade ruling was 33 years ago. Every day people are trying to bring it down, to restrict abortion, to make abortion illegal or at least extremely difficult to obtain. I will tell about my choice so that you can help keep abortion safe and legal and available to all women. Raise your voice.


V said...

Your a brave lady - one of the many reasons I love you and am so proud to know you.

marshamlow said...

well said.

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

I so agree with everything you say here. You're awesome!

supa said...

*applause* RIGHT ON.

Imperfect Mommy said...

Here here... Thanks for posting that.

Monkey loves Kitten said...

Good job. Thanks for sharing your words.

PabloVTA said...

I'm proud of you too.

I participate in a debate group online ( read: gripe session amongst friends) and I've asked the Pro-lifer conservatives what their answer for all the issues that will arise if it is overturned, and I get no answers, only spin. I'd love to release you on them, but I'd probably get no work done and as they say...arguing on the internet is like the special olympics; whether you win or not, your'e still retarded.

Thanks for raising your voice.

you rock!