Saturday, December 24, 2005


The Girl is at the park with Daddy-O, so I am baking the last few things for the great eating frenzy known as Christmas. Unfortunately I screwed up my fudge. I used the recipe from the back of the JetPuff marshmallow jar, but it looks awfully pale. I stirred it CONSTANTLY (Vonnie!) and did everything just like I did for the last two batches which came out fine (and smooth & delicious if I do say so myself). Unfortunately, this batch is a light mocha color. I am not willing to wait to see if it is OK, so I just sent it to fudge hell - the trash.

A double batch of extra-spicy ginger snaps are next. Hot fresh pumpkin bread is ready now, though...come and get it if you are in the 805!


V said...

thats the saddest thing Ive seen all year :(

V said...

I got my package yesterday and have eaten more chex mix and fudge than any one person should have all season...

Your the bestest EVER - XOXO V