Saturday, December 17, 2005


I am in the running for the Bad Mother of the Christmas Season award. You've heard of it haven't you? I was nominated the other night. I was starting to trim the tree with hubby & The Girl. As I was trying to keep the many breakable ornaments out of The Girl's reach, hubby started placing ornaments on the tree, paying no attention to the weight of the ornament in relation to the strength of the branch. He also did not start in the "proper" order: big balls, plain balls, all other ornaments, tiny balls, icicles. The Girl proceeded to grab, grab, grab at the ornaments while I tried to hang them just out of her reach. She thought attaching herself to my left leg would be a good way to get at them. So after an excruciating four minutes (yes, four minutes, folks) I snapped. I yelled, "Stop it!! Just leave me alone!!" They went to the neighbors' house for an hour while I decorated the tree properly and listened to Christmas music.

So when you are voting this week for Bad Mother of the Christmas Season, don't forget... a vote for me is a vote for anal-retentive, controlling idiots everywhere. Thank you.

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Michelle said...

Hmmm... I guess I can vote for you this year since I'm only up for the Bad Wife of the Christmas Season award... but next year I'm going head-to-head with you! ;-) (I do the SAME thing with our Christmas tree, and my husband just doesn't get it.) I'm glad you got to deck your halls in peace, though!