Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Today was the day. THE. DAY. Today was the day I wanted to give The Girl back. To whom? I don't know. But I was this *holds up thumb and forefinger* close to doing it. Is it the molars? Hell if I know. Is it just a bad day? Is it too little sleep? Is it....? Don't know what it is other than the day I REALLY wanted to give her back.

I was dreading today but in that very restrained kind of way you usually use when someone says "Dog's sense fear." Today was picture day at JC Penney. The photo shoot started at 11 a.m. and ended seven frames and six minutes later. "NOOOO," I cried, "That's not enough! Please just sit down for a couple more. I will buy you a lollipop. I will buy you a pony. I will buy you a diamond mine." Nothing could convince her that she should do this one small but meaningful thing for her poor mother. So out of the seven, there were two that didn't make me cringe. Ordered, paid and left. Whatever. At least there were no tears.

The JC Penney picture incident was bookended by visits to the mall Santa. We met him last night and he even remembered Grace's name (because she came by THREE TIMES, never agreeing to sit on his lap). No matter how kind and patient that dude is, she will only allow me or Sissy (her bunny) to sit next to him. After today's second visit, she decided it was time to go home (again without sitting on the lap and getting what I'm sure would be a magnificent picture for the holiday cards). And...cue tears.

After lunch and a brief nap, the drama continued at swimming. She refused to use the noodle when the rest of the class was clearly using theirs. Ditto the kickboard. Cue meltdown with tears and guttural screams. Abandon swim class after 10 minutes.

I just gave her a large dose of Motrin and she is now watching Shrek on the couch with a blankie. I am having a Malibu & Diet Coke. I have to remind myself she is two. I also have to remind myself that I would miss her if I gave her back. I'm pretty sure I would. Pretty sure. Not completely convinced, but pretty sure. Yeah, *snorts* pretty sure.


V said...

Just think - soon she will be old enough to send away for a week or 2 to auntie V's house ... then you will have time to miss her terribly and remind me why I use the pill.

;) xoxoxo V

Sugarmama said...

I've been there a lot lately, I assure you. Sleep deprivation does it to me. Also, a baby screaming all morning for no discernable reason, too many sarcastic and/or manipulative comments from the 7-year old, no naps longer than 20 minutes, etc. Can you give her away for a little while, like to a willing grandparent or something? Failing that, insist on TIME ON YOUR OWN to the husband tonight and don't ruin it going Christmas shopping. Just take a long bath and read and drink. Hang in there!

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Five bucks and I'll dress Pablo up so you can take a Santa pic. Got a costume? Hang in there Mom!