Sunday, October 09, 2005


My 73-year-old Dad is in the hospital again. This time for an irregular heart beat that was caused (the Drs. think) from an infection in his foot. Luckily my brother was able to spend the day with him Sat. and my sis is there today, so I didn't have to rush down there. I am heading down tomorrow after Grace is out of school. He should be released tomorrow, so we'll stay with him the rest of the week, or until Dad kicks us out because he is tired of JoJo's Circus and Blue's Clues.

It sucks when your parents are old. Especially when one is already dead (hi vonnie!). I am just getting the hang of this motherhood thing and then I have to go "mother" my Dad again. I love him dearly and am going down to Carlsbad to care for him with a completely open heart, but... Dude, sometimes I just want to be a slacker. I was born in the GenX years (ok bitches, so it was the very early GenX years). I'm not even 40 yet (hi wendy!) and most parents of my peers are heartily enjoying their retirement. Damn Catholics and that surprise 5th child thing. But really, I look at caring for Dad as just part of the package. He & Mom raised me well and provided for me even when I was a frickin' idiot (pre-teen - early 20s). It is my job/duty/whatever and I don't mind.

On the upside, The Girl and I get to see the family. I will also get some rockin' chips & guac from Alberto's. And I can go to the outlet mall just 3 miles away which includes Crate & Barrel and Stride Rite. Ok, I re-read that last sentence and have to agree with you - I am a total dork. Cheap wine glasses, toddler shoes, caring for an ill parent. Hmmmm...I wonder how long I will have to be in therapy? And when Grace will have to start? That's fucked up.

Finally, since Dad has no internet connection (gasp!), this space may be stale for a while.

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Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Hope he's feeling better :o)