Wednesday, January 26, 2005

FAMILY CRISIS: Mostly Resolved

My head is still spinning from the drama of the last two weeks. My dad went into the hospital with a GI bleed and was in ICU. Drs. couldn't pinpoint the bleeding area for three days, so finally did surgery 1/13. He is on the mend now after a 12-day hospital stay. He's at an assisted living facility to regain his strength and get his bowels back in order. He is working with a physical therapist a couple times a day.

My oh my, you never know how much you can handle until you are faced with it. I was at the hospital for the first 10 days (with Grace most of the time). All of his doctors are younger than me. I told one GI doc (my new pretend boyfriend) that he needed to get some grey highlights so he looked older. And he replied, "Dude, I'm 38. Plus you want your dad's doctors young and nimble." OK, dude, point well taken.

Luckily Dad is a trooper and is bouncing back with great aplomb. His kindness goes a long way with the nurses and staff, too.

Grace & I head back down there next week. We'll stay for a while while he recoups at my sisters house. Then we head back home with his Jack Russell for a while. I'm actually delighted to have his little doggie live with us for a while. I'll have to go for 2 walks a day!

Bark, bark...

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