Friday, September 09, 2005


The Girl has learned a few new things recently. She learned how to shake hands and say, "Nice to meet you." A couple days later, she shook her dad's hand and said it. Ummm, Grace, you only do it when meeting new people.

She learned from my sister that cats don't "shake" hands/paws, only dogs do. Now she points at our cat's paws and says, "Only dogs shake." But she looks sort of wistful like she knows in her heart that cats could shake if they really wanted to. This may have been her first experience with "the man" telling you it can't be done.

She has also started to count to ten with her fingers, but only if she starts with the number three. If she starts with one, she only makes it to six. Happens.Every.Time. And for the record, she has all ten fingers.

The Girl recently figured out that picking her nose is kind of interesting. I let her know, however, that there are rules. 1- You can pick, but not around other people. 2- We call them "mocos" not "boogers." 3- If you pick one out of your nose, it must be wiped immediately on a tissue or your pants. I think Grace grasps the concept, but this clearly shows that I am still unsure when it comes to the concept of parenting.


V said...

I think your genius - who needs the approval of others = the truth is your just skipping all the crap in the middle by telling her how it is now rather than letting her figure it out for herself later. Pure genius.

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Those mocos can be sharp when dried on the oshkosh. Watch out! LOL

Met a great aunt of Pablo's who was eating Harry Potter Jelly Belly's. She offered me a "boooger" flavored bean.

Nowhere Girl said...

My 6 year old discovered the Harry Potter "Boooger" Jelly beans at a friend's house! "I can EAT THESE boogers Mama, and it's OK!!" Lovely.

Top it off with the "Booger Juice" that my hubby found at Quik Trip and I am officially in Mom Hell! ~chuckle~

Ventura- unfortunately, this issue will follow you for years to come... ha ha ha