Monday, September 19, 2005


The Girl's preschool teacher just told me that M/W are the "busy" days and that Grace can get a bit homesick with all the commotion. *knife.heart.searing pain* Oh lord, what have I done? What do I do?

***UPDATE*** I talked to the director and asked if I could switch The Girl to Tue/Th and she said it was full. Apparently, Grace's class has the same number of kids (12) as the T/Th class, but there are a couple of kids who "distract" the others. One is a girl who cries really loud EVERY DAY whose mom has resisted the teacher & director's advice to fix this. And Grace gets sympathy tears. Then there are two "climbers" who are "very active." I do believe I was supposed to read between the lines and understand there is one cry baby with a stupid mom and two fuckin'-crazy out-of-control toddlers in her class. I resisted the urge to recommend elephant tranquilizer darts. Instead I asked if next session I could get a heads up on which days they were going to attend. She agreed.

I suppose this conflicted feeling is going to last more than just the rest of the semester. More like the next 40+ years.


Monkey loves Kitten said...

What is the advice to fix the crying kid?

PabloVTA said...

Duct tape, like the advice we got to prepare for terrorist attacks.

VenturaMom said...

GOOD NEWS!!! The Director stopped me on the way out on Wed. She said part of the problem would be resolved since the crying girl is leaving. Said the school just wasn't a good fit for her. I did a little happy dance on the way out to the car. Then I realized I had just become one of THOSE moms who is always on the director's radar. Whatever. At least The Girl has one less irratating classmate.