Monday, September 19, 2005


The family went to San Diego this weekend. Hubby covered the hydroplane races, while The Girl and I killed time on a budget and battled the sniffles. Saturday we had lunch with my Dad and then watched football while the Girl napped. Swimming in the very cool infinity pool that overlooks Mission Bay was fun when Gregg came back in the evening, especially because they have pool-side drink service. Yes, I would like another Malibu and Coke, young man. Sunday we headed off to the world-famous San Diego Zoo where we ate our lunch watching the flamingos, then saw monkeys, gorillas, koalas and elephants. The Girl is used to the small Santa Barbara Zoo, which only has 100 animals, but you can see them much closer. I had to do a lot of pointing. The zoo highlight, though, was the Skyfari ride over the park. TOTALLY COOL. We were quietly whisked away in our gondola and off on a 3-4 minute adventure. Despite my irrational fear of heights and anxiety that I will be the first person to die in a Skyfari accident, I had a great time because Grace loved it so much. She gets the same look on her face every time she rides a carousel (which she pronounces care-ah-souwd, very Asian!). We took a round-trip Skyfari tour and then wearily headed to the car.

The weekend also included: two carousel rides each day for Grace & Mommy (because Daddy gets motion sick); deeee-lish breakfast out at The Mission Cafe in Mission Beach both days (blackberry pancakes Sat/cinnamon French toast Sun); several walks around the bay to try and tire out a very active toddler; a visit with one of the hydroplane drivers at the race site; chips and guacamole from Roberto's; and fireworks.

We topped it off with a quick dinner in Carlsbad with Dad, my sis, bro-in-law and two nieces (who took care of Grace at dinner!). Home around 11 p.m. and off to bed. When Grace woke up this morning she said, "I had fun in Sandy Eggo, Mom." Yeah, so did I Grace.

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