Wednesday, September 14, 2005


My favorite possession in the world - my Passat - is in the shop. Despite the crafty German engineering, there's some sort of heating core issue that costs mountains of money. Thankfully it's covered by the awesome big-thingy warranty. Thinking it wouldn't be there more than a day, I left the carseat in it and figured Grace & I could manage without transport for a day. Two days later and two more to go, hubby went to retrieve the carseat. He reported back that my car was in pieces! Dash removed, stuff under the hood removed, lordy be. So he got a rental car - a big fancy white CADILLAC! Hertz was out of midsize cars and upgraded him for free. He took it to LA today for a work meeting, but tomorrow Grace & I get to cruise in it.

So I got to drive The Girl to school in his pickup today. She thought it was soooo cool to have her carseat in Dad's truck, to be up high and in the front seat (relax, no airbags). I just wanted to thunk her on the head and say, "Damn girl, it's a 10-year-old Nissan." But she apparently derives pleasure out of different things than I do. She actually said, "It's sassy, Mom!"

Gregg looks kind of pimpish driving the Caddy. All he needs to complete the appearance is a gun discretely (or not so discretely) stuffed into the big plush armrest. But our neighbor pointed out that the Caddy could also be mistaken for your grandpa's car, so maybe it's not so pimpish after all.

***UPDATE*** Damn German engineering! Despite my car being in pieces yesterday, it was all back together today and ready to roll. I picked it up while hubby dropped off the Caddy at Hertz. So no pimpin' or rollin' with my homies. Just glad to be back in the greatest car in the world - my Passat.


Monkey loves Kitten said...

Unless your grandpa is a pimp.

Brooke said...

My husband C has a Passat and you would think God crapped out a huge diamond car, just for him. It's all about the PASSAT these days.

Anyway, condolences on your car mishap, but dang girl, you sound like you're making out OK in spite of it.