Monday, September 26, 2005


Oooohhh, we have lightning! And BIG thunder! And some rain (just enough to water the lawn and make freeway driving annoying)! I used to love big thunderstorms when I was a kid. We lived in a valley and there were a couple big mountain ranges in the distance and lots of open space and farms. We had a great house with big windows, perfect for the lightening shows. Then the thunder would freak my mom out and she would go into the hall (no windows) and cover her ears. I would of course tease her, but hang out with her for a while until the draw of the lightning was too much and I would go back to watch.

OOOOOHHHHH that last clap of thunder was only 2 seconds after the lightening!!!!!

Shit, just remembered The Girl is at school and isn't too keen on loud noises right now. Better go pick her up a little early to assuage my guilt at loving noisy storms. This should be a fun naptime!

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Monkey loves Kitten said...

Although it seems to now be coming to an end, NC was in the middle of a heck of a thunderstorm season when we got here. I've never seen that stuff, it was pretty cool. Looking up and seeing dark clouds and knowing you're going to get some action is a new sensation, I like it!