Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Interesting day. I wanted a drink by 9 am. Waited till 4:30 pm to have one.

The Girl has been a bit sad (read crying) at school when the other moms come and pick up the "early" kids at 11:30. I pay for the extra hour and pick her up at 12:15. On Monday, the teacher and the director said to try the three-hour schedule and see if that would help her. So today I went to drop her off and it was the worst ever. Something along the lines of "Hold me, hold me. Home, mommy. I want to go home." Crying big tears, snot running down her face. So finally after 45 minutes I said we were just going to go home. Teacher just said OK. Then the director heads me off at the pass for some tough love. "If you do this today, she will continue to do it for a long time. I know it's hard for you, but she'll be fine. It's up to you. If you go now, it's fine, but you might want to think about just trying to enroll her again next semester." Cue my tears. Crap. She just intellectually bitch-slapped me in a tough but caring way. So we stayed with the director for 10 minutes or so (while I stopped crying) and then all walked back to the class. The Girl cried a little, but was fine for the rest of the morning.

I am thinking this may be happening because the hubby is away on business this week. Or maybe because Grace decided to exploit my hormonal weakness. Or maybe it's some sort of 2-year-old terribleness. But it just makes me feel like a bad mom. Fuck.

Wouldn't want her to get her Dooced out of preschool so...of course this is all fictional and there is no school, or director or teacher.

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