Sunday, August 14, 2005


Oh lordy, it's starting. I am having a slight panic attack about The Girl starting preschool tomorrow. I just got back from the store where I picked up those handy mini cups of mandarin oranges (one of her recent favorites). And then it hit me. I always pour the juice out before she eats them. OH. GOD. There will be no one to do this for her!!! How will she survive? Step back, momma. Juice is not the issue. Guilt and abandonment...those are the issues.

OK. Now that I am focused on the real problem, it will get better, right?

PS - Don't get me started on back to school shopping for supplies and lunchboxes. That is a whole other panic attack from MY school days.

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Sue said...

deep can do it. And you can really USE those 8 hours a week, trust me. Even if you don't start a business, you can still use some Mom time. Good luck.

We are in the same neck o woods. I grew up in Vta.