Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The Girl's Birthday was very nice. Or as nice as a two-year-old's party can be without alcohol. We hosted 12 adults and four kids at the park for a luncheon of Baja Fresh. The Hello Kitty papergoods were cute and the food was yummy. There were only a couple dozen wayward yellow jackets who wanted a bite of a Baja Burrito.

The kids ran up and down the grassy hills and went exploring in the bear cave (not a real bear cave, mind you, just a cave-like area surrounded by trees and brush at the top of the hill and The Girl calls a bear cave). Meanwhile friends and family stood around and chatted and watched and ate and drank non-alcoholic beverages. Note to self: Next year...liquor.

Only minor dramas were when I realized we had no serving spoons for the salad, beans and rice (forks worked fine) and when I realized I also forgot to bring a knife to cut the cake (used a handle of a fork).

Grace slept 11+ hours that night. Now that is a testament to a good time.


V said...

Super cute stuff!
ps - your lookin good lady! I spy a lady getting skinny.

Jenn said...

Arroyo Verde! Yay! Another Venturian.... Nice to stumble upon you in Cyberspace.