Thursday, July 07, 2005


The Girl made pee pee in her potty last Monday. Just a bit, but's a start. Not bad since I have made no attempt to have her use it regularly. Just the occasional drive-by on the way to the bathtub. She uses it mostly as a step stool.

The Girl was in the Push'em-Pull'em Parade for the second year. This time she didn't like all the noise and mass of humanity (I swear there were several thousand people there, NO LIE). She covered her ears for a while then decided near the end of the route that crying on Mommy's shoulder was the way to go. Happy 4th of July.

Grace has found yet another way to manipulate me, err, I mean be sweet to me. She says, "I LOVE eww." Dear lord help us, she is so damn cute. But she tells all the neighbors she loves them as well. WTF? I'm the one that shot her from my loins.

We are headed to Long Beach tomorrow for Kid's Day (V will remember it). In conjunction with the Catalina Ski Race, a local boating group hosts hundreds of special-needs kids for boat rides and lunch. Gregg spends the day hoisting kids out of wheelchairs and into boats. The Girl and I will be smiley-types and make new friends. Hopefully our buddy Trey will be there.

Is today over yet? Grace is still teething 2-year molars. Peace out. PLEASE.


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Aw man! We were there 11-2 with da pooch. How could we have not run into you? There were only 50,000 people... yuk yuk.

V said...

You better be sending me a shutterfly link in the soon future lady! You know I need my fix - and I know you got more shots of the little girl.