Monday, July 11, 2005


We took The Girl to the water park at Lake Casitas on Sunday afternoon. Lots of people with mostly well-behaved children. There was a giant sculpture thing in the middle of a zero-depth walk-in pool and it had slides and lots of water shooting out from it. Grace liked it but was too scared to go down the slides even though they were the same size as the playground slides. The whole water/splashing/sliding combo just wasn't working for her. Forgot the camera at home so you will have to do without pictures of my flabby arms and Gregg's farmer tan.

We went on innertubes around a faux river. I fell over once and also got stuck in the tube a couple times. Dainty I ain't. But it was fun and it reminded me of when hubby & I went tubing down the Salt River with Doug & Ann Thompson. We tied an extra innertube to ours so we could float a cooler full of beer in it. We also used it to hold the empties so we called it the gar-barge. I want to go tubing again and drink a lot of beer. I don't think I can do that at the Casitas water park, though.

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