Thursday, June 09, 2005


The Girl and I are still trying to find a balance for our moods. Neither of us can put together a full day of happy. Neither of us is crabby all day, usually. No meltdowns for Grace or Mommy today, but yesterday was another story. I need to mark it down in her baby book...June 8th, the day I spanked her for the first time. It was really just a quick swat on the bare bottom, but she cried BIG tears and, of course, so did I.

Today was much better - we ran around at Arroyo Verde Park (The Girl's favorite park) and took a hike from 10-11:45. Then we met Gregg for lunch at Urban Cafe (yummy!). A two and a half hour nap was followed by playing outside, coloring and playing with Noah's Ark. Dinner was low key and Gregg was home by 7:30.

And hey, don't start with the "I will never spank my kids" crap, because you just never know when you will be pushed over the edge by a naked, freshly bathed, screaming, 3-foot tall person who is running around the house with your cell phone. Word.

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