Tuesday, June 07, 2005


We have three cats. We didn't go to a pet store or even the pound to pick them out. We got all three from our neighbor. The first acquisition was Annie. Neighbor Guy was going on a month-long vacation and was going to give Annie away. No, no, we said, we'll take her!!! She has been a nice, fairly mellow cat who occasionally barfs. We have had her for 5+ years.

Then 3+ years ago, a stray had a litter in Neighbor Guy's garage and there were two kittens that he couldn't find homes for - until he read SUCKER written on our foreheads. So Blackie & Pepper also came to live with us. Again, nice cats, except that Pepper wakes Gregg up to be let out at 5 a.m. if she sleeps in.

Unfortunately, the nice cats have turned into money-sucking furballs who like the vet better than us. Blackie had an abscess on his tail that went way, way bad. He's been at the vet for a week following surgery and is getting treatment to hopefully save the tail from amputation. His bill is $700 and counting.

We woke up yesterday to a room full of cat drool. Apparently, Annie has a bad tooth. The vet is going to pull it and clean her teeth, update vaccinations and prescribe meds for a mere $400.

No vacation for Gregg & Beth. The cats cost us Maui. We better get our investment back in love and purring.

Trying to figure out how to write off vet bills on taxes...


Monkey loves Kitten said...

Wow, art mirrors life. Sally Forth and her family are going through the same thing. Freaky.

Michele said...

I so understand your pain. We moved to a new city and became renters for the first time in 8 years. The damn cat cost us $1500 pet deposit! That's more than my wedding dress.