Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I am just about at wits end. I am tired, sick, crabby, sad, and generally feeling lower than a worm. Time to bitch vent. After dealing with my dad's hospital stay, I came home and was absolutely exhausted for five days. Went back down to help him transition to sis's house and help with Dr. visits, errands etc. for four more days. Grace was sick with a cold which made everything a bit more difficult. But Dad is doing really well.

Then I get home and Grace is still sick as is Gregg who is also running a fever. Did I mention I have Dad's Jack Russell staying with us? Then I start to get sick (really, it's just a cold). I am popping Ecinaecha, squirting Zicam and washing hands like crazy. All the while trying to be a good mommy to Grace by taking her to the park or other "child friendly" outing every day. But of course I have to work in a real walk with the dog (who is really a sweet dog) since sniffing the grass at the park doesn't cut it for a Jack Russell. I usually try to combine an errand with the park, but now the damn dog is in the car. And with Grace walking now, she doesn't want to ride in the cart at the store. And she wants to hold the leash when we walk the dog (thankfully she's still amenable to the stroller). Picking up dog crap (even little dog crap) is icky. I have Purell in my pocket 24/7. I actually fell asleep in my clothes the other night and slept with Purell in my jeans pocket. Slept with contacts in three of the last five nights - and they are not the overnight kind.

Now I have a throat that's swollen and raw, glands out to HERE, snot - and don't even get me started on tissues. Repeat after me - Kleenex brand with lotion is the only brand I will ever buy. I will not fall for the cute design on the box of the others. I will not believe the hype that the store brand with lotion will be just as good. And of course several tissues have stayed in my pockets through the wash. Luckily during drying the remaining bits are removed from the pocket. Unfortunately they are distributed all over every freaking thing in the dryer.

Then I crabbed at Gregg after he gave Grace her bath (he does this every night... I KNOW, I KNOW, he's great). But he said something that set me off, so off I went!

I really want to go away. Have a drink, a smoke and do... do... anything other than this. But tomorrow is another day, so I better go empty my pockets and take out my contacts now to ensure it will start off right.

I know, I know...bad grammer, syntax, and flow. But damn it felt good.


Cherie said...


Just had to leave a note to let you know I hope you're all feeling better these days. I found you through The Mommy Blog. I lived in Ventura for 8 years before moving back to the east coast. I miss it (and especially the people there) a lot! It's a great place to live.


VenturaMom said...

Hi Cherie - You are my very first comment! Ventura is still wonderful - we've been here 10 years and don't want to ever leave. You should see the beach right now, though - completely covered in bamboo that was washed out from both the Santa Clara river and Ventura river by the rains. It's so bizzare.
Thanks for touching base with me.