Friday, February 25, 2005


Quarterback Drew Bledsoe signed with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this week and I, in turn, became a Dallas Cowboys fan. Why you ask would I switch loyalty to the Cowboys? Well, it's Drew Bledsoe, of course. I worked in the Washington State University Media Relations office when Drew played there. He was a great athlete then (and still is, obviously) but more importantly, he was a great person. His folks are awesome and raised a great, gracious, funny, normal guy who just happened to have been blessed with an amazing arm.

The great part of Drew being a Cowboy is that Dallas spends three weeks of their training camp in Oxnard, a mere 5 miles from my house. I can't wait to see Drew. I hope his family comes (wife, three boys and one girl) to town and his parents too.

His dad Mac Bledsoe has written two books - Parenting With Dignity and Parenting With Dignity: The Early Years. Check them out...I just bought the Early Years book a couple weeks ago and am already using some of the advice. I'll save a story about a touching conversation I had with Mac for another post.

Drew was like a little brother to me at WSU. He went on to the NFL, has had 12 amazing seasons, has a family, and a charitable foundation (parenting skills). I never kept in touch with him partly because I didn't want to track him down and have him feel like I was bothering him (you wouldn't believe the amount of "hangers-on" in sports). But now that he'll be in my backyard so to speak, so I will definitely track his ass down. Yippee!

Go Cowboys!

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Gracey said...

I know this is really random, but I happened to come upon your blog and read the posting on Drew Bledsoe. I go to school at Gonzaga so Washington State is kind of in our backyard. Until today, I wasn't aware that Bledsoe went to Washington State, so I thought that was really interesting, and also that you worked in the Media Relations there. I am currently employed in Sports Information at Gonzaga for work-study! Just thought I'd drop you a comment!