Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I totally forgot to blog about what Grace did last week... While Gregg was in Miami, Grace & I went for a visit to his folks' house for a couple days. On our first night there, Grace was running around naked after her bath (her new ritual) and showing off for Nana & Grandpa. She squatted down to pick up a block and left something else behind - POOP. Thank gawd for firm stools because it was right there for all to see on the light colored carpet. As I scrambled for a diaper, apologizing profusely, her Nana quickly scooped it up and said it was no big deal. Whew! No residue. But believe me it has now gone into family lore... And remember the time Grace was running around naked and pooped on Nana & Grandpa's carpet?

I hope Grace makes good money when she grows up, because with a mom like me, she's going to need therapy.

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