Monday, October 29, 2007


Awesome things The Girl can do:
  • tells me the number on the receipt while waiting for our food at Hamburger Habit or Snapper Jacks
  • tells me numbers on signs as we drive by
  • plays the game Trouble EVERY DAY and often kicks her dad's ass. FYI she beat me 2 out of 3 tonight. (V - best gift EVAR)
  • Can wiggle her ears, waggle her eyebrows, flare her nostrils, roll her eyes and curl her tongue. She's gonna kill at frat parties. Or in Vaudeville.
Awesome stuff The Girl has said recently:
  • Daddy is older than you because he is bigger
  • When I roll my tongue, it looks like a private bottom vagina.
  • Which one of these books is taller Mama? (After I responded correctly...) Good job, Mama! You are getting sooooo smart!
And from the backseat...

The Girl: Mom, why do we have an antenna on the car?
Me: So the songs from the radio station can find their way into our car stereo.
TG: I saved that question for you Mama, because you are much smarter than Daddy even though he is taller.
FYI she asked her dad the same question the day before, but apparently didn't like his answer.


Monkey loves Kitten said...

Mmmm. Snapper Jack's. Hungry.

V said...

I'm so glad she's down with Trouble - its only a matter of time before we spend our first evening getting our ass's kicked by her at Rumicub!