Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The Hubby spent his birthday barfing. He came home from work at 2 p.m. on Monday hurling. He spent today working from home, napping and complaining. I am completely incapable of sympathy right now because I am a bitch. I'm doing so much mother fucking laundry it's crazy. My Dad picked up his dog this weekend, so I am trying to rid our house of 3 weeks of dog hair. We are leaving Thurs. for our SF & Lake Tahoe vacation-palooza. So far I have packed... The Girl's underwear, socks and swimsuits. FUCK. Need more time. Need a not sick husband. Need to chill out.

Our very vague itinerary for the Bay Area part of our vacation-palooza:

  • arrive late afternoon, head to Oakland for a visit with The Hubby's funny high school friend and her family (she drinks at playdates at the park!)
  • Zachary's Pizzeria for dinner - best pizza ever
  • drive to SF & check into hotel
  • tourist stuff with The Girl and The Hubby's college friend & his family; includes playground at Golden Gate Park and Ghirardelli Square for a picture of The Girl & me by the fountain (to the right she was 3 mo.)
  • dinner & shopping in Chinatown - Kung Fu shoes will be purchased
  • playtime/eating with another of Hubby's friends & his family
  • leave for Tahoe in the afternoon
Zeum looks quite amazing - has anyone been?

Then we are off to north Lake Tahoe for some R&R (reading and rum). The Hubby has promised me time alone to gamble, drink, read, shop, or whatever. We are also going to be putting The Girl in the kids camp thing at the hotel at least one afternoon/evening so we can get wild. We will probably end up napping, but at least it will be without The Girl.

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