Wednesday, August 29, 2007

THE CITY & THE LAKE (Part 1 of at least 2)

Vacation was splendid. We had the BEST weather in San Francisco - clear as a bell and warm. A rare combo in The City in the summer. My highlight was the newly renovated kids' playground in Golden Gate park. It has this enormous rope climbing structure (which will be the cause of litigation I'm sure), a man-made creek with river rocks, giant swaths of grass and sand, a cool dessert sand area with little tiny caves that only sand-eating tots can fit into, and loads of that neat squishy foam surface that makes you feel like you are on the moon. There is also an amazing concrete slide (again with the litigation) built into the hillside that has been there for years and years. The kids go down on cardboard for speed or the seat of their pants if they want the slow version (and the parents don't mind a hole in them). We met up with Hubby's college room mate Pete, his wife Kelly and their lovely three-year-old son Theo. The Girl loved Theo because (per usual) she could boss him around. We also went on the carousel that has been at the park since the 30s.

We spent time with Hubby's high school buddy Ian, his wife Andrea and seriously cute son Henry (left with The Girl). I think I am in love with Henry. If he were 40 years older and gainfully employed -- lookout. He also posed as a magician with The Girl and I plan to use that photo as blackmail when they are teens.

We stayed at the Hyatt near Union Square using Hubby's Hyatt points. They upgraded us to the Regency level (breakfast, snacks, sodas, fruit, cheap drinks). Very classy. I highly recommend it... As The Hubby said, "I could get used to being pretend rich." He was
mortified that I took two bottles of water with me whenever we left the Regency Club. I told him it's how the rich STAY rich.

Parting shot...The Girl's new slippers from Chinatown.

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