Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I truly believe people come into your life for a reason. Good people, mean people, random folks that just flitter in and then, poof, are gone. Today a good person was put in my path and made my day.

After dropping off The Girl at preschool, I was sitting at the beautiful new Starbucks (right by Lowe's, across from the mall) enjoying my twice-weekly reprieve. I smiled and nodded to a 50+ish woman who was also sitting in the sunny corner sipping and reading. Eventually we exchanged pleasantries and then she joined me for a chat. She is a NY transplant who is trying to "live in the now" and follows some Buddhist principals. I'm down with that. Then we started talking about Ventura, counselling at-risk kids, child rearing and whatever else popped into our brains in a 15-minute chat. What I left with was the feeling that a total stranger "got me." She understands why I trust The Girl to run all the way across the park to pet a dog. She agrees that celebrating and embracing The Girl's current age/stage is essential, instead of always looking ahead or back. I felt like I got a gold star from the substitute teacher. It's nice when a stranger says she can tell that what I am doing is making a difference. But I guess she's not really a stranger since we are having coffee again next week.

I don't know who or what put Kathleen in my path today, but I am so glad to have a new friend.


Vonnie said...

That rocks - and if you ask me, I think people feel the same way when they meet you!

Your just one of the coolest chick's, friend's, mom's and wife's ever!

Vonnie said...

PS! - I hate that you have put that DAMN song in my head... "People are People so why should it be...."