Monday, January 08, 2007


The Girl is back in preschool. I am properly caffeinated. So let's see what's new in the grab bag today, shall we?

"Isn't that cool?" has become The Girl's new mantra. Everything is cool. Especially horses! And dogs! And pretty things! And new episodes of preschoolers' favorite TV shows! "That's sooooo cool, Mom!"

I have made no resolutions (per usual) but have again created a list of projects for 2007:
  • get a job (whoring and dealing don't count, but would make for easy money)
  • clean out the closets (especially the 3+ years of accumulated kid's clothing) in bedroom, hall and under TV
  • live with less clutter
  • sell a couple things on ebay - old Nikon digital camera, old fancy Minolta film camera
  • continue watching Cops high
  • get The Girl (who I now sometimes refer to as The Kid) off the boob for good. I know 5 minutes of nursing at bedtime is no big deal, but it's the additional 5 minutes of "I need a drink/cheese stick/book/to tuck in my horses," and the waiting to leave her room until she's doing the "really, really asleep" breathing that is getting a bit drawn out.
  • get back on The Pill (dependant on The Girl getting off the boob)

I also need to get back into the cooking mode. We are spending too much on eating out. I have bored my family with baked chicken and rice pilaf for a year. Hmmm... maybe a pot roast, meatloaf, chicken piccata, baked rigatoni, stir fry. Some of my oldies but goodies. Now that The Girl eats most of what we eat, it is getting easier. She ate pork chops and apple sauce the other night. Although she did gross us out by mixing ranch dressing into her apple sauce. Dude thinks everything tastes better with ranch. That's just plain gross.

She watched a dog agility competition yesterday on TV and has now added champion to her lexicon. She has a champion blanket for her pig, a champion sticker on one of her ponies, and a champion hair clip for one of her dolls. And yes I am going to Tivo any dog/horse competitions on Animal Planet right this very minute.


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Got crockpot?
Timesaver, lifesaver - we don't use ours enough. Google "crock pot recipes" and spend hours looking at recipes ;o)

Vonnie said...

We have a Champion Crockpot! - and you know what else? Crockpot is a funnier word without the "r" or the "pot"!