Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Nothing like posting every day in Nov. and then taking a two week vacation. Woo hoo. And it's not as if I was in tropical South America taking a zip line tour through the rain forest. I was here. At home. Doing "fun" stuff like wrapping presents, going to the park, trying (and failing) to clean up pine needles and getting a colonoscopy.

For the uninitiated, my mother was diagnosed at 59 with colon cancer and died just shy of her 63rd birthday, 10 years ago. Her father was diagnosed with colon cancer at 59, died at 60. Since I really don't want to keep that family tradition going, I had my first colonoscopy, having reached the magical insurance-company-approved age of 40.

After enduring a "bowel prep" Sunday (you don't want to know), followed Monday by a really long camera shoved through my *cough* colon *cough*, I am proud to announce I ain't got nothin' bad goin' on in there. Woot!

The nurse and I exchanged ways which we would not mind dying. Hers was to fall off a horse and be kicked in the head at the age of 91, thus dying with her boots on. I opted for a tragic chaise lounge/cocktail umbrella accident poolside in Maui at the age of 90. How do you want to go?


Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

On a porch, in a rocking chair, in my 90s, looking at the sunset over the ocean.

V said...

Am I the only one that doesnt want to live that long? 90! Thats just crazy old - I dont want to be crazy - or old. I choose to go in my sleep after a nice long yet not too old life, knowing I have been around the block a time or two and still know how to get back. ;)

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Crap, who said anything about crazy or senile?! I'll be looking at the reds and oranges in the sunset and say "Miss V had hair that color back in the day." Snap