Sunday, November 05, 2006


The Girl is moving into the "self-sufficient when it suits me phase" and much to my delight has now mastered the art of dressing herself. She grasps the concept that the tag goes in the back for pants, shirts and undies and knows where the heel of her sock belongs.

The other day I asked her to choose which pair of panties she wanted to wear - the purple and pink My Little Pony or the multicolor My Little Pony panties. She picked the purple & pink but asked if she could also hold the other pair. Sure, I said, not quite clear on the concept. The Girl then proceeded to have the ponies talk to each other. Yes, she was having a pretend conversation between a pair of My Little Pony panties. Hi Pony! What's your name. My name is Pony. So I left her in her little pony-filled world to get dressed on her own.

When she came out to show me the completed ensemble, I praised her excellent dressing skills and pronounced she was ready to go to the zoo with Daddy. Then she pronounced that she was wearing both pairs of panties. Why, I asked. Because I didn't want the other ponies to get lonely, she answered. Then I died and went to heaven.

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Vonnie said...

Ponies hate to be lonely! Its a well known fact...