Monday, November 13, 2006


Things that piss me off: people who take their jobs too seriously. For example, the office manager at The Girl's pre-school.

I stopped by this afternoon with my book order (dude, Scholastic book club rocks) and was told the parent who coordinates it already picked up all the orders.

Me: Ummm, OK. If you call her, I will gladly drop it by her house.
Her: Well I've already told three other parents it was too late. And the Director won't like it that I'm making calls all day.
Me: But it's a $54 order and the school benefits from it (sad face, sad face).
Her: I normally don't make exceptions, but just this once...

She called the book club lady who (of course) said she would pick it up tomorrow morning. At the same time the director came out and said hi. She looked at the order form and check in my hand and said, "Score! I love it when we get big orders!" Despite my wanting to do the nya-nya-nya ass wiggle, I just turned and said thanks.

I know I am being a brat about it, but FUCK, did it really kill her to make the call? Lighten up, sister. GAH! Can you tell The Hubby is on another week-long trip?

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