Friday, November 03, 2006


I am throwing down the holiday shopping gauntlet. This is an interweb challenge of Biblical proportions. OK, maybe just smallish proportions for my pals. Your task is to find the lamest gift for $10 or less. The product must be available online (linkey-goodness!) and cannot be on a gag-gift-type site. And no, you freaks, the cost of shipping does not need to be included!

I will start off the festivities with a few favorites:

Crumb Sweeper "eats" its way across your table! Cute hand-held cleaner is battery powered to whisk away those little tidbits that remain after the plates are cleared. Your table will be ready for the next course in seconds! Reservoir is easy to empty. Comes with 2 AA batteries. 6" L. Wipe-clean plastic.

Was $9.98 Now: $6.50 at
Harriet Carter

Whimsical Kitties dress up any lampshade! Frolicking cats with their shimmering hats will turn any lampshade into a conversation piece. They're as much fun as real kittens at play. Each of the three climbing cats is 4" H.

$9.98 also at Harriet Carter

This one just missed the cutoff, coming in at $12.98

This faithful friend stands guard over your remote control! You'll never lose the remote with this adorable holder always at the ready with outstretched "paws". Choose from 4 popular dog breeds -Pug, Black Lab, Dachshund, and Yorkie - each featuring lifelike details. Approximately 8" H.

You can post a link in the comments section or link to your blog if you plan to post it there. Spread the love, people. I expect some serious lameness. There may be a prize! But that's highly unlikely. I will however post more "gifts" until Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc. are all just a blurry memory of giftcards and eggnog.


heather said...

Those are truly, truly awful. Ih'd find some for my blog, but it's likely my mother-in-law would misinterpret it and think I asked for them for Christmas.

Kim said...

Hey, it was great to meet you today over wine and cucumber sandwiches! You have hilarious 2-panty stories!

Interesting irony that the word verification for me to leave this comment starts with the letters "poop" after all those stories today.

Anyway, it was nice to meet you!