Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Two very good things that happened this summer were that I watched How I Met Your Mother in reruns and Weeds on DVD.
HIMYM is oh so very funny. The premier on Sept. 18 cannot come fast enough. Doogie Howser plays Barney, a wicked lawyer who I love. Read his blog (the character, not the actor). And my new boyfriend is Marshall - big, nice, silly and a little slow. You just have to watch, although some of the acting is a bit iffy.

We also rented the first season of Weeds and then ordered Showtime so we could watch season two. I would totally go lesbo for Mary-Louise Parker. She's on my lesbian island. And on my three-way with my hubby island. Great show. Rent the dvds if you haven't seen it yet, then catch up on season 2 this weekend - all four new shows are on Sat.

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Monkey loves Kitten said...

We just watched Weeds on dvd and loved it so much we cried when we realized it was only two discs. We're considering ordering Showtime just to not have to wait. Because that's all we have to live for.m