Monday, June 12, 2006


Dude, we were the youngest people at the Huey Lewis and the News/Chicago concert. I kept making Depends jokes, while the hubby kept going to the "don't break a hip" card. Despite all the aging baby boomers wearing inappropriate attire, the show was very good. Huey was adorable. I'm sure he's had work done, but damn, he looked HAWT! And yes, I did yell, "Huey, I love you!" several times.

The old dorks in Chicago sort of freaked us out, though. The trombone player did odd jazz dance moves throughout the show while wearing a sleeveless shirt. Ewww, sleeveless on an old guy. But they played many of their hits and sounded great despite the lack of Peter Cetera. As an added bonus, I yelled "more cowbell" quite often!

But the highlight of the night was arriving at the in-laws house to find The Girl fast asleep in bed. Apparently her grandpa told her it was time for bed at 8:45, so she climbed in, was tucked in and not another peep was heard. Fuck. He's hired!

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