Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Have you seen Supergroup on VH1 yet? Check your local listings, dude, cuz it rocks. Well, maybe it doesn't rock, but it is rather entertaining. It helps if you can pre-party before the show. That way you won't scream "It's the dude from Gilmore Girls!," every time Sebastian Bach is on screen.

The dude with the black & red King Tut beard thing, Scott Ian from Anthrax, is sweet. He is all ga ga over his idol Ted Nugent. Superhero boy crushes are so cute. I don't think I have ever heard an Anthrax song, but I see this guy whenever The Hubby tunes into "I Love The 80s."

What's up with Ted Nugent's teeth? Caps? Veneers? Odd beaver-like dentures?

Jason Bonham, son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, seems the most normal. But how strange is it that he has joined Foreigner on tour? Foreigner? Son of Zep? I loved my Foreigner 4 1981! Guess you gotta pay the bills. But I admit, they have a rockin' catalog.

Evan Sienfeld? Biohazard? Never heard of 'em. But his porn-star wife, Tera Patrick? Heard of her. Tattooed wanna-be tough guys just don't do it for me. Ick.

And it's obvious that all the ancillary characters (chef, PR team, stylist) are all actors. Why must they act and look so over-the-top. The gay PR dude with the stupid clothes? Gah.

But still, tune in. Or as Timothy Leary said, "Turn on, tune in, drop out."


kirsty said...

Came here via your comment on Breed 'em and Weep. Holy crap, girl, you're funny! And it looks as though your girl has inherited the Gift!

V said...

I saw a commercial for this yesterday - it looks like a freakin car crash - I LOVE IT! Im gonna have to set up TiVo.

Monkey loves Kitten said...

The Nuge's teeth probably are from beavers. That he killed. Because he likes to kill. And he's crazy.