Thursday, May 11, 2006


OK, so David Blaine isn't really going to Costco. I am. This is an experiment to see if I can contain my spending by letting the whole interwebnet know I am going to Costco with a list. WITH A LIST PEOPLE! If only I could shop in a big glass sphere with all of America watching me. THAT would be entertainment.
  • peanut butter
  • non-fat milk
  • organic 2% milk
  • muffins (yep, those big ass muffins! They're for a Mother's Day brunch tomorrow with our playgroup)
  • maybe some cream
  • maybe some cheeses

Wish me well on my adventure to the Island of Wasted Money.

--- Edited to add:

OK, so I bought off the list. But it wasn't so bad. What did you expect, perfection? They were not crappy impulse buys like 28-yards of purple wired ribbon, an 18lb bag of smoked almonds or a case of Go-gurt. In addition to the first four items on my list, I also bought: The DaVinci Code in paperback (at $4.29 how could I pass it up? It's going to be a major motion picture! Starring Tom Hanks!); Oral-B replacement heads for our Braun toothbrushes (6-pack for $25 - a steal!); twin-pack of Cinamon Toast Crunch (because, well, because...well, who doesn't love CTC? IT ROCKS!). And I did put back the Jackson Browne CD (only $7, but I can get the couple songs I want for .99 each at iTunes).

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V said...

Dude - everyone knows lists dont work at Costco!