Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Oh my gawd. I just left a pro-Meredith Vieira comment on TV Squad. Have I become the president of the Meredith Vieira fan club? And why all the hate at Meredith? I think she would be a great host for the Today Show. Really. Oh my gawd. It's like I'm channeling her publicist. My comment follows:

Meredith Vieira IS a journalist. She won five Emmy Awards while on 60 Minutes and West 57th (a younger-hipper 60Min-type show that didn't make it). She worked in news for more than 15 years. Now she makes big bucks with non-news jobs like The View and Millionaire. I think she is a more-than-qualified replacement for Couric. In fact, she rocks!

Also, Meredith is pretty hot. She is on my hubby's "three-free" list. And on his "over-40" list. She's definitely not the girl-next-door kind of gal like Katie. She's more like the hot-bawdy-chick-you-want-in-your-book-club kind of gal. The one who would bring good beer.

** edited to add: I did it again (posted to TV Squad re: Meredith). But for the record, I have restrained myself from posting on their third entry.

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