Monday, March 20, 2006


The Girl has been interested in rocket ships for more than a year. She saw Aaron Neville and Elmo sing I Don't Want To Live On The Moon on Sesame Street and now, of course, we have it on the iPod. The lovely ballad starts with:
Well, I'd like to visit the moon
On a rocket ship high in the air
Yes, I'd like to visit the moon
But I don't think I'd like to live there

So this oh-so-very-long weekend has been ALL about rocket ships. We drew water-color rocket ships on poster paper, rocket ships on the porch with chalk, on plain paper with markers, with crayons, formed Play-Doh rocket ships. If there was a medium for rocket ships in this house, we did it. And the burning question of the long weekend...What color is your rocket ship going to be? She asked me about 100 times (give or take 20). She asked what color the cats' rocket ships would be, what the neighbors wanted theirs to be. She asked about Daddy's preferences by phone, and Nana's too. She speculated about her teacher's color choice, her cousins', even her doctor's.

Here is what we have come up with:

  • the cats would like one white rocket ship with black cats painted on it & one black rocket ship with flames (flames were a big hit)
  • Mommy wants a leaf-green rocket ship with aqua & pink flowers; or orange with red & yellow flames
  • The Girl wavered back and forth between red, blue or pink rocket ships decorated with puppies, kittens, flames or polka dots
  • Daddy will have a green rocket ship with decorative aspects to be named later (since he didn't say on the phone)
  • Turbo, the neighbor's guinea pig, will have a pink rocket ship with brown and white guinea pigs painted on it

Also resolved: The Girl decided that her toys and stuffed animals do not get their own rocket ships (too costly?) and they will tag along in hers. She was also very concerned that I did not want to give my boobies their own rocket ship. That issue led to a conversation about how we have lots of different parts that make up our whole body (another FUN, NEW concept). So my rocket ship crew will indeed include my boobies. Whew.

With a mere 12 hours left in the four-day hell, errr, I mean weekend, please chime in with YOUR ideas! What color is your rocket ship going to be?

PS - Doctor's appt. at 4:30; no school since her temp hit 102.5 yesterday. More fun!


V said...

I want an Invisible Rocketship = seeing as I believe it would be the easiest to draw, chalk or paint... and of course wonder woman had one!

Missing you and that crazy girl!

sweatpantsmom said...

Funny post - Rocket Ship Boobies!

Sounds like the title of a movie on Showtime.

jennster said...

i think you should send daddy on a rocketship to hell for abandoning you this weekend. LOL

VenturaMom said...

la la la la la ... on a rocket ship sent straight to hell... la la la la

Catchy tune, no?

jennster said...

we could form a rockband! i'm a killer air drummer!