Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've lost my blogging mojo this week. I may be in mourning for next week's dreaded four-day weekend without the hubby. He will be at his annual man-fest in Arizona with his two best friends. Spring training = baseball, cactus, beer, wings and strippers. Normally I would trek to his folks house, but they will be in Seattle for a wedding. That leaves me and The Girl alone in a test of wills. Do I head south to see my family? No I have seen each member of my family twice in the last month which is more than the previous six months combined. I love them, but there is a limit. And three hours in the car each way with The Girl? Um, no. Plus, the neighbor just had back surgery and her hubby will be out of town with one of their kids, so it looks like we'll be partying it up here. Bring on the pain meds!!! Let's put our pointed heads together and think up a few things to do so I won't go bonkers, shall we?
  • Curious George again - more popcorn and it doesn't involve Diego
  • Zoo - we have a season pass so no $$ involved
  • and I'm done...fuck

And did I mention The Girl's best buddy Jenna will be out of town on a campring trip? Damn.


V said...

Wishing you luck - and wish I could be there to help out. My life has been so dull I have nothing to blog about = it may become the "see how many leaves Ive racked this weekend" blog.

Bring on the margaritas.

sweatpantsmom said...

I, too am married to man who is both very nice and tall.

And I like hot McDonalds fries.

I live in Southern Ca.

Are you my doppelganger?

VenturaMom said...

SPMom - If you also have a hankering for thrift store bargains and a soft spot for 80s music, we very well may be one in the same.

jennster said...

give her matches and a bottle of vodka. she'll be fine

Sugarmama said...

Yeah, I was thinking playdate for your Girl, but no dice? Then definitely cocktail hour for mama!